Gravitec Review - The Beast of Automated Push Notifications

Gravitec is the solution. With their easy-to-use web push service, you can convert one-time website visitors into subscribers who will receive your updates and notifications.

Gravitec Review - The Beast of Automated Push Notifications

Most website visitors only visit a site once, and most of those never return.

You pour a lot of time and effort into getting website visitors, but all that work can go to waste if they don't come back.

Gravitec is the solution. With their easy-to-use web push service, you can convert one-time website visitors into subscribers who will receive your updates and notifications. And since Gravitec integrates with zapier, you can easily grow your subscriber list without having to worry about duplicate entries or data management.

Gravitec Pricing

Gravitec has two plans- a free and paid plan.

The paid plan starts from 1000 subscribers and is 4$/mo. The free plan has up to 10,000 subscribers, is for a single user, and includes unlimited notifications.

It also has limited automation and a full set of features and integrations. Technical support is also included.

The business plan has unlimited subscribers, users, automation, and notifications.

It also has a full set of features and integrations, priority support, RESTful API, and removable copyright.

Gravitec Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo is offering a lifetime deal for the Gravitec app. That means you get access to all of their features and integrations forever, at $59.

The Appsumo offer includes access to their RESTful API so you can integrate it with your existing systems.

This is a limited-time offer that expires soon.

Gravitec Features and Benefits

Gravitec is the perfect tool for you if you want to increase website traffic, stay top of mind, and boost conversions.

Gravitec is easy to install and easy to use, and it can help you send push notifications without ever visiting the web dashboard.

With the WordPress plugin, you can compose and send automatic push notifications after publishing an article, adding images and UTM tags to your notifications.

Gravitec makes it easy for you to ask your website visitors for permission to send push notifications.

With our easy-to-use interface, you can choose when and where to show the prompt, and add your own text to give visitors the little boost of encouragement they need.

Plus, all permission prompts meet Google’s requirements for user interaction, increasing both UX and subscription rates.

At Gravitec, they make it easy to target your subscribers with pinpoint accuracy.

Their segmentation options let you target users based on their location, language, and browsing behavior, so you can create customized campaigns that resonate with them.

With their advanced segmentation options, you can even target subscribers based on their interests.

So whether you want to target users based on their operating system or city, it got you covered.

If you're looking for a way to quickly and easily send the right content to the right subscribers, look no further than their RSS to Push tool.

You can automatically send campaigns based on notification elements from site metadata, allowing you to save time while getting the most out of all the tools.

Plus, with their Push Digest tool, you can send a daily or weekly roundup of your most popular content.

And their welcome message tool lets you create a custom message for new subscribers.

Gravitec is Best For

Gravitec is best for push notification marketers that want their subscribers to be engaged.

It's also best for users that want a way to grow their subscriber list more efficiently.

They're the perfect solution if you're looking for a web push service with top-of-the-line features and integrations, as well as customizable templates, automation, and segmentation.

Gravitec is Not Best For

Gravitec is not best for users that want a fully automatic solution.

They're also not best for marketers who have more advanced automation needs.

They have a free plan with up to 10k subscribers, unlimited notifications, multiple users, and the WordPress plugin so you can see if their services are right for you.

Gravitec Alternatives

Alternatives to Gravitec


Like Gravitec, it can be installed on WordPress websites and used to send automated notifications at the most optimal time.


It's an alternative to Gravitec that works with all types of devices including iOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Windows.


It's perfect for marketers looking to re-engage site visitors and convert them into subscribers and customers.

APNS For WordPress.

While it can't be installed on a WordPress website, you can use it to send push notifications from any PHP or Python application with HTTPS support.

User Reviews

a great way to get more traffic

I missed this the first time around and was glad to see it back. Gravitec is a great way to maximize the value of the people coming to your site and get them to return. I like that it's flexible, so you can not only announce new updates/products, but also recycle traffic via RSS automation, meaning that it's a great tool for podcasters and bloggers.

Setup is fairly straightforward, especially if you have Wordpress. Gravitec will work on any site though. I installed to my site via Google Tag Manager, which is a nice option.

Overall, a really good experience so far. Definitely take a look at it, if you want to take advantage of the traffic you already have and bring people back around to you.

- Podcast1, Appsumo User.

Amazing tool with a different approach

I had to top up with more codes this time around!
Much of the other similar tools either fall into simple popup notifications or just marketing. This does a great job encompassing both but in a better way.
This actually uses browser and push notification beyond having the customer be on site. If used correctly, this is more effective than email marketing with greater ease.
Love this product and it keeps getting better!

- technicely, Appsumo User.

Great Tool!

I like Gravitec, it saves a lot of money!
The subaccounts and team accounts are a huge plus here
With unlimited sites, users and notifications, Gravitec helps get a lot of work done.
Push notifications is very important for marketing, and Gravitec makes it very easy to utilize it fully.
I stacked 5 codes for this deal because it’s great.
If you missed the deal, you’ll find it worth your while to pay for its monthly fees!

- RagyAmin, Appsumo User.


If you're looking for a fully-featured web push service with automated notifications, advanced segmentation options, customizable templates, and more, Gravitec is the answer.

Sign up for their free plan to see if they offer everything your business needs to succeed today.

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