Grist Complete Review - 2021

Traditional spreadsheet software can be limiting with all the information you have to manage and make sense of in your business. There are many different ways that spreadsheets typically work- but for the most part, your data will either be up top or...

Grist Complete Review - 2021

The data is all around us and we should be more aware of it. With so many apps and programs out there, it's easy to get lost in the data but it's also important to know what you're looking for. In this post, we'll teach you how to organize your data with a customizable spreadsheet-database hybrid Tool that will allow you to visualize, analyze, and share your data in a way that will make sense!

Traditional spreadsheet software can be limiting with all the information you have to manage and make sense of in your business. There are many different ways that spreadsheets typically work- but for the most part, your data will either be up top or down below and it needs to stay there. This is where a newer system like Grist comes into play.

With this newer system, you no longer have to worry about your data being stuck on one side of the page!

Features of Grist

Automatic Backup

With no coding, you can make databases that are able to connect different data from multiple sources. These relational databases automatically back up so if anything goes wrong, it won't be a problem!

These ready-made templates allow for highly customizable database creations without any code necessary—plus they're automatic and will backup everything in case something bad happens.

Dynamic Chart Builder

It is important to organize, analyze, and share information. With a streamlined dashboard it's easy to choose layout preferences for all of your graphs so that everything looks great on the page.

Generate dynamic charts with this one-click tool which updates as you go through different data points in order to create detailed reports quickly and easily. You can also set granular access controls depending on what an individual needs or wants permissions too.

Drag-and-Drop Widgets

Grist is a powerful data processing platform that simplifies the process of navigating. Customize your dashboard with drag-and-drop widgets on an app like layout to stay productive and organized. Grist offers multiple pre-made widgets so that you don't have to worry about coding in order to get what you want.

These pre-made widgets are also constantly being updated so you can switch up your dashboard style whenever you feel that the need arises!

Real-Time Data Visualization

Grist is 100% real time with live data. This means that the data will be up to date and never stale! You can also choose what type of schema you want for your charts. Choose from multiple chart styles like a line or pie chart in order to get exactly what you need from your data.

With the real-time data, it isn't boring at all either because with a live streaming data source, you can also get access to tons of different news and information all in one place!

Public and Private Sharing

With Grist there is a lot of room for permissions. You have the option to choose who can see what with easy-to-use sharing tools. Grist has multiple layers which make it easy toorganize exactly what you need to share and with whom.

Set up collaborative databases in a way that makes sense for your team. Get shared access to the same thing or create different views of the data so that everyone is on board with what's going on. You can even password protect your dashboard if you like!

Zapier Integration

With Grist being a cloud-based software, it's important that you are able to easily integrate with other systems in your work and life. Grist makes it easy to connect other tools such as Zapier so that you can access everything from one spot!

Document History

In the Document History tab, you'll see all earlier versions of your document with options for saving a copy of an old version. You can also return to it at any time or compare changes from one version to another so that you know what has changed and when.

Comprehensive Search Tool

You'll have a full-text search tool to find specific information quickly and easily. You can use this tool for different pages of your dashboard so that you aren't searching every last inch in order to locate where something is hidden away!

Coding Optional

Grist is the only coding-optional app on the market. Grist lets coders have fun, too! Code View for Python and review all logic of your document in one place with a code editor or just use spreadsheet functions like Excel does so you can work efficiently through any document without worrying about formatting issues that may come up when using other programs.

Export as needed

Grist is the perfect tool for a wide range of business needs, from invoicing to CRM. Export tables as CSV files or download an entire relational database in SQLite format with just one click! Grist is a fast, secure and easy way to stay on top of your data. With Grist you can have full control in an intuitive interface that makes it easy and fun to use!

Google Spreadsheet and MS Excel Alternative

Google Sheets and MS Excels are great tools for simple data management but sometimes its limitations can be frustrating. Grist Software makes the process much less stressful by giving you a platform that is easy to use and even easier to understand! This software can be used for many different things and works with almost anything - all you have to do is decide what's best!

Drawbacks of Grist

With this powerful new platform that Grist provides, it's important to take a look at what it doesn't yet have. Since Grist is still a developing tool and one that could potentially really change the way we brainstorm and create projects of all kinds, there are no features that aren't yet available on the software. Until now i dint see any drawbacks or anything that is missing because everything that is needed is available with the tool and also there are no problems i saw with it.

This is all the review!!

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will be happy to help!

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