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Finding voice over talent is hard. You either have to hire a professional, which can be expensive, or you settle for an amateur who may not give your project the attention it deserves. Complete Review - 2021

Finding voice over talent is hard. You either have to hire a professional, which can be expensive, or you settle for an amateur who may not give your project the attention it deserves.

Listnr solves this problem by allowing anyone and everyone to create their own high-quality audio narration with no experience required! 

Listnr will make creating a voice over as easy as writing a blog post - just type what you want said into its simple text editor and hit publish! Within seconds it'll generate natural sounding audio that sounds like it was recorded by someone else entirely! This allows people of all skill levels to create quality content without having any prior knowledge of recording technology or audio production.

Features of Listnr

Over 270 Voices to Choose

It can be hard to find a voice that fits your brand, and it takes time to create the perfect tone of voice.

Listnr have over 270 professional voices for you to choose from. Plus Listnr add new voices every month!

Listnr gives you access to 270's of professionally trained ai voices in dozens of different categories. With so many options, finding a voice that fits your brand is easy! Its library also grows with new voices added monthly.

 Over 70 different languages

The world is getting smaller, but your business is not. Your customers are no longer limited to just the people around you.

Listnr makes it easier for everyone to understand you by providing different languages and dialects in one app. You can easily translate any language into another with a simple click of a button!

When using this tool, you'll be able to reach out to more people from all over the world and grow your business in no time! With their innovative technology, Listnr offers voices from all around the world through 70 different languages and dialects including Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and many more! This will allow anyone who uses this app to easily communicate with others without having to worry about miscommunication or lack of understanding.

Share your audio or podcasts to different platforms

It's hard to keep up with podcast feeds. They're a lot of work, and you have to update them manually across multiple platforms.

With Listnr, you can create a single RSS feed that will automatically publish on all the top players like Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts. You don't have to think about it anymore! 

Listnr makes this process simple by creating one RSS feed that works everywhere so you can focus on what matters most - growing your audience with great content!

Expanding Your Audio Reach

There are so many ways to get your message out, but it's hard to decide what works best. 

You need a way to reach people who aren't following you on social media or listening to your podcast. You want them to be able to find and listen to the episodes that they're interested in without searching around for them.

Listnr is the answer! With this tool, you can create custom landing pages for each episode of your podcast with links back into iTunes and Spotify. In addition, you'll be able connect with listeners through email lists as well as Facebook Messenger and Telegram groups! It also offer an embeddable player which makes it easy for anyone interested in sharing their favorite episodes with friends or followers on any website or blog!

Listnr’s Chrome extension

It's hard to read and keep up with all the latest news and blog posts. 

With Listnr, you can listen to your favorite blogs and podcasts on-demand! Just copy any text from a website into Listnr’s Chrome extension, then press play. That's it! You're listening to the news and doing other works along in minutes.

With Listnr's Chrome extension, you can listen to any article. Simply copy the text and click on the "play" button in the chrome extension of any article page and it will automatically convert that text into a podcast for you!

Natural-sounding voice

Finding a natural voice talent that fits your needs can be difficult.

With Listnr, you have access to over 270 different natural voices and languages from which to choose. That's 10 times the amount of any other platform! 

Listnr allows for unlimited recording time with each voice or language option so that you can find exactly what you're looking for in a matter of minutes—and then move on to more important tasks at hand without having to worry about finding new voice. Even if you’re not happy with your initial selection, there will be additional credits associated with re-recording until you get it right.

High-quality audio

When you’re finished, your music will be available for download in the high-quality audio format and sample rate of your choice.

Listnr allows you to download your audio files in any file format and sample rate that you wish. You can also export the files directly into your DAW or WAV editors for further shaping or editing.

Drawbacks of Listnr

Trying Voices counts towards monthly limit

If you want to try a voice and after you heard the voice is not suitable for your project, then you will choose another voice and rerecord it again. But Listnr will reduce credits twice on your monthly limit.

I think if Listnr is a bit more professional they will take care of these issues and will be a major competitor in the voice over industry.

I hope you like this article, thanks for reading. If you have any questions or want to leave some suggestions below, please do so! Thank you!

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