Longshot.ai Complete Review - 2021

Longshot AI solves the problem by creating new, unique blog posts from scratch based on what works best for each individual website. Longshot copywriting software uses Open.ai's GPT-3 artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and identify which t...

Longshot.ai Complete Review - 2021

We all know that writing blog articles is a great way to get traffic, but it's pretty hard for most people.

Most writers are stuck in the same rut and only write one type of article - "How To" guides. That's because they're easy to write and don't require any imagination or creativity. The problem with this approach is that your audience will quickly figure out you're using the same formula every time and stop reading your content.

Longshot AI solves this problem by creating new, unique blog posts from scratch based on what works best for each individual website. Longshot copywriting software uses Open.ai's GPT-3 artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and identify which topics work best for them before writing original SEO-optimized content that converts better than generic How To guides!

You should be looking for ways to produce high-quality content on a regular basis. You could use this software that can generate high quality, well-researched articles from scratch in just a few minutes. The only copywriting AI software that writes SEO-optimized blog articles from scratch is the perfect solution for bloggers who need fresh and relevant content but don't have time to write it themselves!

Features of Longshot.ai

Generate high-quality long-form content

There are many Ai Tools in the market currently and the only tool that is focused only on long-form content is longshot.ai.

This tool is created to aid content creators and bloggers and can produce high-quality articles in less time

Longshot writing software does not only generate original SEO optimized blog posts from scratch but also helps you to save time by giving you high quality articles in less time than you would normally need if you were doing it manually. It will help to increase your time to market because it will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

It can be used for different purposes. For example, the software is mainly designed for bloggers but other individuals can use it as well since they can customize their content by making changes in the article. This gives them freedom and flexibility to do what they want.

Uses Open Ai's GPT-3 Algorithm's

This software uses Open Ai's GPT-3 algorithm, which is the best algorithms when it comes to deep learning. Moreover, This AI based tool is able to learn from your previous articles and improve on what you have already written. This means that if you start using this tool , You will see a noticeable improvement in your blog posts.

It is a simple and fast way to create quality content for your blog or website. This software helps you focus on creating good content instead of the SEO aspect of the article. You do not need to worry about keyword stuffing because this tool will use keywords that are natural and help you rank better in search engines.

Fact-Checking Plugin

This Tool will also fact-check your articles to ensure that they are free from any mistakes. This is a great feature since it will help you create high quality content without having to worry about grammar and spelling errors. It's not only helpful in creating better content but it's going to save you the embarrassment of publishing false information online.

Another reason why this is a useful feature is because it prevents Google from penalizing your website . You need to remember that the online world is quite competitive and you do not want to publish content that can lead to penalties.

You might feel like fact checking manually is time consuming but with Longshot, you don't have anything to worry about.

AI Image Generation Tool (Soon)

There will be another tool that can help you create high quality images for your blog posts. The good thing about this feature is that it's going to pick a suitable image based on the topic of the article and what the readers are looking for in their articles.

You may not think that an image is important but remember that search engines will use the images to better understand what's on a page. So in order to rank your article well, you need to focus on using the right images.

Tools Available in Longshot



Research by entering the topic or niche name. Longshot will suggests you related keywords, popular sub headlines, top questions and search volume of that keyword or niche.

Select the keywords, popular sub headlines and top questions that you need for the blog posts and choose a headline style.

Available Headline Styles:

  • How to
  • Descriptive
  • Listicle.

Once you selected the style click Headlines button.


Once you clicked the headlines button, the tool will auto generate headlines based on the information given.

You can select any of the headlines or if you're not satisfied with the available headlines, you can simply click the regenerate button.

Once you selected the Headline, just select the outline button to generate the outline.


Select number of headlines you need and click create blog outline.

Longshot will automatically create outlines of your blog post.

Once you're done with outline, click generate and improve blog.


This is where the longshot show the long form editor with generated blog posts structure.

You can write, edit the paragraphs generated by the longshot.

There are four sub tools in this section.

  • Instruct me
  • Unstruck me
  • Synopsis
  • Write more

in the right side, you will see a sub section called addons, where you will see the fact check plugin. you can just enter a sentence and it will check whether the given sentences is correct or not.

Other Tools in Longshot.

Headlines (its same as in creating blog section)

Rephraser - you can enter the sentences and it will automatically rephrase it.

Text Extender - Just enter a simple sentence and longshot will make it bigger.

Create FAQ's - Enter a paragraph of a niche, and the tool will auto generate questions related to that niche.

Blog Insights - Its basically a summarizer tool.

Drawbacks of Longshot.ai

Longshot.ai is a very good product for beginners and experts to generate only blog posts from scratch without doing any hard work. It is not only easy to use but it also saves you time and money.

However, if you are looking for more options like the competition tools have, it doesn't have those.

In my opinion, if you asked whether i will buy this or use this tool, the short answer is a big No. Though the tool has potential, currently i don't see the content quality same like in Jarvis or Rytr.

When it comes to pricing, the tool is quite expensive for beginners as its pro price starts from $29.9/month. But if you are looking for something that can save your time and money then going with Longshot.ai might just be a good idea. Currently the tool have lifetime deal going on in dealify, So check out this product for yourself today.

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