Review - Power up The Value Of Your Online Meetings

Meetgeek is an AI meeting assistant that records your calls, takes notes for you, and shares highlights so you can get the most out of your online meetings. Review - Power up The Value Of Your Online Meetings

You've been in online meetings that drag on for hours, with no clear outcome. 

It's frustrating when you're in an online meeting and can't tell if it's productive or not. You know you need to take notes, but it's hard to focus on the conversation when you're also trying to type.

Meetgeek is the solution to your meeting woes. Their AI meeting assistant records your calls, takes notes for you, and shares highlights so you can get the most out of your online meetings. Pricing

Meetgeek offers three pricing plans, a free basic plan and two paid plans, Pro for $19/mo and Business for $39/mo.

The free basic plan has the following features: 5 hours per month, High quality video & transcript, Automated notes & summaries, Search meetings & transcripts, Share meetings & snippets, Upload past calls, Slack & Trello integrations.

The Pro plan has all the features of the basic plan plus: Download transcripts & Gdocs, Zapier integration, Automated workflows, Conversation templates, Meeting insights & tips, 20 hours per month.

The Business plan includes all the features of the basic and Pro plans plus: Custom vocabulary, Custom templates, Meeting team insights, Team & user management, Priority support, 40 hours per month.

Meetgeek offers a great value for the price with its three pricing plans. The basic free plan has many features that most other services charge for.

The Pro plan includes all of the features of the basic plan plus some great extras.

The Business plan is the most comprehensive, with all of the features of the basic and Pro plans and additional features for teams and users. Overall, Meetgeek offers a lot of value for its price. Lifetime Deal

Meetgeek is available in Appsumo 's lifetime deal for a one-time payment of $59. This is an excellent deal, as you get all the features of the Pro plan for life. You can't beat that value!

If you're looking for a great AI meeting assistant to help you with your online meetings, Meetgeek is the solution for you.

With its three pricing plans, there's a plan that's perfect for everyone. And with the Appsumo lifetime deal, you can get all the features of the Pro plan for a one-time payment of $59. Get started with Meetgeek today and say goodbye to meeting woes! Features offers a great way to capture meeting details and get transcripts right after the call.

This way, you can focus on your conversation without having to worry about taking notes.

You can also use meeting templates to create tailored summaries and transcripts for every type of discussion.

Having this tool will help you spend less time writing meeting minutes and debriefing absentees.

You can also use voice commands to create tasks or highlights during the meeting, so team members' commitments don't fall through the cracks.

Plus, you can ask the AI assistant to create Trello cards, send Slack messages, and push highlights and recordings directly to your CRM, ATS or anywhere your work gets done.

All of this makes a great tool for any team looking to improve their meeting productivity.

At Meetgeek, they believe that all your conversations and meetings should be stored in one secure location.

With their easy-to-use search function, you'll be able to find the exact conversation or meeting you need in seconds.

Never miss another important meeting again! Their platform allows you to watch or listen to a two-minute summary of any call.

You can also create dedicated teams and make shareable calls within the team.

This way, you can identify strengths and improvement opportunities of your meetings, as well as check insights at the team level through conversational intelligence metrics.

Some of the KPIs you'll be able to measure include talk ratio, call sentiment, participation, and punctuality to improve engagement and prevent burnout.

You can also score your calls and make highlights to review performance to pinpoint opportunities for conversion.

Get started with Meetgeek today to revolutionize the way you manage your business conversations!

MeetGeek is worth for

Meet is best for Sales teams and for people who have a lot of conference calls.

Meet is best for recruiters who want to keep track of all the phone calls they have with candidates.

The product is also great for meeting coordinators who need to take notes and manage a lot of different meetings.

For project managers, Meetgeek can be used to keep track of progress on a project by recording conversations and storing them in one place.

MeetGeek Alternatives

There are a few different alternatives to MeetGeek that you might want to consider.

One option is Zoom, which is a video and audio conferencing tool.

Another option is, which is a web-based video conferencing tool.

If you're looking for an AI meeting assistant, you might also want to consider

Finally, if you're looking for a meeting transcriptions service, you can try

No matter what your needs are, is sure to have a solution that's perfect for you.

Get the Appsumo lifetime deal now and get all the features of the Pro plan for life! You can't beat that value!

User Reviews

mein host

I am a hobbyist rather than an executive hosting lots of meetings so was interested in uploading audio and video to transcribe and edit. I purchased MG after reading the following questions as it seemed that this use case would be ok from the answers :

After reading the following Q and A

Q Can I upload an audio or video file I want to transcribe ?

A Hi and thanks for your question!

Although our main use is through Zoom (paying accounts) and Microsoft Teams, we have big plans and we intend to release soon integrations
for other major conferencing platforms. If you don’t use Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can still upload audio or video files and obtain similar results.

Hopefully this information helps!

Q This app looks fantastic.

You mentioned in the introduction that you can upload audio and video files.

Does this mean I can upload:
1) previously recorded podcasts?
2) Youtube & Vimeo videos?
3) Previously recorded (stored on a computer/Google Drive) videos?

Thank you in advance for your response.

A Hi there,

You can upload any media file (.mp4, .mp3, .wav, .mpeg, .avi). You can check the status of the analysis on the Uploads page
and you will receive an email when the output is available.
Also, the Uploads have a separate section in your past meetings collection.

Thank you,

Q Instead of uploading a video or audio, can I just play the video/audio and have the words transcribed as found in

A We have in the roadmap the possibility to press a button and record while getting the transcription.

I've made a note to prioritize this.

Q You mentioned that uploading audio and video files is a possibility (this is good news for those of us who use the Zoom free version or something else).
Is the transcription output quality any different from natively-recorded calls in Zoom premium? Are there any disadvantages
(other than the time and inconvenience) to uploading audio/video files ourselves?

A Hi there,

There is no difference in the transcription quality!
Using Zoom natively will give you the speaker names and some extra metrics.
Uploading gives you the speaker number and almost all of the MG functionality.

then after purchasing MG say there is 10 hour limit on uploads and they have not
posted some questions about it , I was going to do a video review and purchase a higher tier , so maybe they want to lose custom of hobbyists.

bhagsy, Appsumo User.

Very Good Quality of Transcription

I purchased and tested it. I really liked the quality of transcription. It was about 98 to 99% correct even when the setting was on 'American English' and the speaker had a British accent.

You can view the past meetings/uploaded videos, replay them and view the transcription word-by-word simultaneously, or just read the text without playing the video. Features of Agenda, Insights and Notes are quite useful.

javed9, Appsumo User.

Using the product daily on every call

Been using MG for my customer discovery calls as well as sales calls. I can both upload offline recordings as well as have it live on my Zoom calls, and toggle it on and off during the call.

It's awesome to go back, practice on your pitch, gather insights from customer calls and make decisions faster.

Also a neat feature is that I can take any part of my call and create a snippet out of it, then share it as a testimonial, embed it on my website or present a part of the call to my client or manager for example.

Expecting this to grow into a strong Gong competitor!

stefCEO, Appsumo User.


Meetgeek is a great AI-based meeting transcription and productivity tool that can help your team to be more organized and productive. With its easy-to-use search function, you'll be able to find the exact conversation or meeting you need in seconds. You can also use the platform to watch or listen to a two-minute summary of any call. Plus, you can create dedicated teams and make shareable calls within the team.

Get started with Meetgeek today!

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