Melon Review - Create Eye-catching Livestreams

Melon is the missing piece in live streaming! It has been said that Melon will change how we engage with our audience and connect them to what's going on within a venue or event. Imagine never having an issue of not being able because your audience i...

Melon Review - Create Eye-catching Livestreams

Live streaming is the future of content marketing, but it's hard to do. 

Melon is the missing piece in live streaming! It has been said that Melon will change how we engage with our audience and connect them to what's going on within a venue or event. Imagine never having an issue of not being able because your audience is right there next to you- it really does make everything easier than ever before

What do I need? Well if this sounds like something up your alley then keep reading; but first, let me tell ya' about Melon.

It's so interesting to see how live streaming has really evolved over the last few years, but what's next? There are some amazing opportunities for this technology to be used in so many ways! Melon is here to change everything!

Melon is super simple and fully browser-based, so you don’t need to install anything. You can host your live stream on Melon or you can embed it on your site and share it with the world. With this tool, you will be able to fully engage your audience, deliver unforgettable experiences and save yourself time!

Get started with Melon

When you're ready to go live, just click "go live" in the bottom toolbar. Then, you will pick a platform and enter some information. When you are done, just click "end stream."

The best thing? You're not confined to a single platform! You may multistream to build your audience on YouTube, Twitch, Linkedin, Twitter, and other platforms simultaneously.

You can live stream solo, or invite a guest.

Select “Invite Guests” from the drop-down menu and Melon will generate a login link for you. Guests simply need to add their name and create audio before joining the live stream, which is all there is to it!

There's no need to create an account or install anything. When they've arrived, all visitors are listed in the sidebar, where you may manage their audio and video.

You can also adjust the layout of your videos to make it where the main speaker is shown or all guests are shown.

Features of Melon

Web-Based Streaming App

Streaming is hard. It takes a lot of time and money to get started, but you're not even sure there's an audience for what you want to stream.

You've probably heard that streaming is the future of content production, but it can be really hard to get your channel off the ground. And if you do manage to build up an audience, how will they find out about all the great stuff you have in store? 

Melon makes it easy for anyone with a webcam or smartphone camera and internet access to start streaming right away! Their intuitive web-based platform offers helpful tools and tricks every step of the way so that new streamers can create high-quality streams without any prior experience.

Keeps you on Brand

You want to make your stream look like your brand colors, but you don't know-how. 

The problem is that most of the streaming software out there is either too expensive or too complicated for a novice user.

Melon makes it super easy to customize your stream with no technical knowledge required!

Overlays and Themes

You can also customize your video with professional overlays and themes, set up green screen for live streaming in 1080p.

You are able to create intros or outros as well by adding additional content that will play before each segment of the show starts so it feels more like an introduction rather than just blackness on blank screens!

Livestream on multiple platforms at once

You can now live stream on multiple platforms at once and find out where your content resonates best, including Facebook YouTube Twitter Linkedin Twitch Gaming Channels via custom RTMP.

Stream Scheduling

Stream scheduling is a great way to give your community a heads up before you go live so they can maximize the number of viewers.

A heads-up from the streamer will give your community a chance to tune in and watch live. This can be especially helpful for waiting periods, where people have time constraints or may not know about the event until right before you go live with them!

Keep your Audience Engaged

If you're looking for ways to keep your audience engaged during a Livestream, Melon's alerts and highlights are the perfect tools. They'll make sure that anyone who wants updates from the event never miss anything important happening right in front of them!

Truly 100% Monetized

Livestreaming is hot, but it’s hard to get started and even harder to make money.

You can broadcast live from your smartphone or computer with just a few clicks. But if you want to monetize the live streams you have to work with complicated streaming services that take up too much of your time and give you only 30% of donations as revenue share.

Melon lets streamers keep 100% of their tips by using the built-in tipping system on the platform. This means more money for streamers who are creating amazing content every day!

Host Multiple Guests

Melon is all set to help you make your content fresh, exciting, and engaging. It offers a web-based studio that can accommodate up to nine participants at once! Even if they don't have an account on Melon itself; guests only need to click one button in order to be part of the broadcast - no downloading required!!

Other Great Features.

  • You and your guests will always sound great thanks to the tool’s stereo, mono sound with high bitrate. You can be confident in what you hear because it suppresses noise effectively!
  • Melon's cloud-based hosting guarantees reliable and stable service for you wherever your guests are.
  • You can save your stream to use at a later date.
  • If you're camera shy when it comes to going live, or just want the freedom of pre-recorded content for your podcast and YouTube channel then Melon is an excellent option.

User Reviews

“I think Melon is great! I've tried other streaming sites but they never worked out for me. It's very easy to use and set up; not to mention the best thing about it is that I can use it with my friends who don't have any experience in streaming." - Ethan, Youtuber.

“Melon is the easiest way to stream with your friends on YouTube. I've been trying for years to find a way to work together on my channel, but nothing ever worked till now. The best thing about it is that you can use Melon even if you don't have any experience in streaming which makes it so much easier and faster to start." - Jason, Youtuber.

“I'm so glad I found Melon! It's an amazing platform for me and my friends who don't really have any experience in streaming or broadcasting. The best thing about it is that we can use it with other platforms such as YouTube and Mixer at the same time!” - Joe, Youtuber.


Melon has three plans: the free plan, the standard plan for 15 USD a month, and the pro plan for 45 USD a month.

The free plan includes donations, real-time alerts from supporters, streaming limits, up to 2 participants, limited branding customization, and a branded watermark.

The standard plan includes all of the features of the free plan plus your logo without a watermark, up to 6 participants, unlimited streaming, multi-streaming to 3 destinations, up to 4 hours of recording, 1 hour of pre-recorded streaming uploads, disconnect protection, unlimited branding including logo, overlays and themes, custom RTMP and 15 days of recording storage.

The pro plan includes all of the features of the standard plan plus up to 9 participants, multi-streaming to unlimited destinations, audio-only recording, an upload of 2 hours of pre-recorded streaming, uploading media files with a 300MB limit per file, full HD (1080p), 30 days of recording storage and priority support.

Appsumo Melon Lifetime Deal

The Melon Lifetime Deal is now on sale for $99.99 (regular price $449/yr). The deal includes the pro plan with full access to all features, lifetime access, free upgrades to new versions, and great support.


Streamers with a channel on Melon can make more money when their fans donate to them with the built-in tipping system. They keep 100% of the donations and there are no limits, so they're incentivized to create great content!

With up to 9 participants per stream, it's easy for friends or family members without experience in streaming or broadcasting to join in on your broadcast. The best part is that you can use this program even if you don't have any experience at all which makes it easier than ever before.

Plus, with HD 1080p video quality and high bitrate sound from stereo/mono recordings, your viewers will feel like they're right next to you every time!

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