Pictory.ai Complete Review - Best Video AI Tool in 2021

Luckily, there are more advanced AI solutions on the market that give you a hand in this department as well. They do this by taking long-form content and transforming it into a short video in just minutes! This is where the Pictory comes to aid.

Pictory.ai Complete Review - Best Video AI Tool in 2021

For many users who are not familiar with video editing, it is an intimidating process. They are not sure what is the best way to obtain a polished result. But this could all change with the help of AI-powered video creation tools.

The problem with these tools is that they require you to know what your message is in order for them to work properly. This can be challenging for people who have no idea where they want their content to go and have trouble generating ideas for their videos.

Luckily, there are more advanced AI solutions on the market that give you a hand in this department as well. They do this by taking long-form content and transforming it into a short video in just minutes! This is where the Pictory comes to aid.

The average attention span of a human being is around 8 minutes. That’s less than half the length of popular TV shows and movies. So it's not surprising that people are starting to get bored with traditional webinars.

The idea of summarizing an hour-long presentation into a 10-minute video is not new. In fact, some brands are now turning to short videos using online tools that allow them to create and upload their own short videos.

When it comes to long-form content, we often find ourselves stuck in a slump, not knowing how to shorten it without reducing the knowledge in it.

Luckily, there is a solution for that. It's called Pictory.ai. This tool lets you breathe new life into your long-form content and transform it into short videos


Features of Pictory

1. Extract Short Video HighLights

Extracting short video highlights from webinars, video podcasts, and demos and adding captions in an automated way will make it easier for content creators to reach their audience.

Websites such as Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, create.tv, etc., have made it easy for people to post videos online. However, extracting the most important parts of those videos remains a challenge.

To solve this problem, pictory.ai can extract short video highlights from webinars and demos without any human input required. It also automatically adds captions in many different languages so that anyone can understand the message being conveyed by the speaker in the video.

2. Article/ Blog/ Text to Video Maker

In a world where most people are living a busy lifestyle, it is difficult to find the time to read long-form content. And so we need to come up with ways of making reading more enjoyable and quicker. One way is summarizing long-form content into videos.

Short videos are a great way of increasing engagement and generating traffic on your blog. With Pictroy.ai, You can summarize your text in an interesting and engaging manner which will make viewers finish viewing the video. You can combine text-to-speech, stock media assets, music, and other editing techniques to make the video production process more exciting for viewers.

3. Automatic Captions Generation

Automatically adding captions with AI can increase the quality of content and save a lot of time.

Pictory.ai use AI to automatically generate captions for videos. They do this by using speech recognition software to transcribe the audio track and then generate text based on that transcription.

Aside from generating words, Pictory.ai also has tools that can automatically insert pictures, links, hashtags, or emojis. This is done by using various APIs to scrape other web pages or websites for images and snippets of text.

4. Supports over 20 different languages

A video that is translated into another language is going to feel more authentic and less like an advertisement because of the cultural relevance it carries with it.

With Pictory.ai, content producers can now deliver more accurate and complete subtitles in a variety of different languages.

Specifically, this software is capable of translating any video file that has been subtitled using any of the supported languages. This means that for videos, you no longer have to worry about subtitles not being accurate or not matching the spoken dialogue.

5. Auto Detect Important Sentence

Pictory is an AI tool that can teach itself to identify the important sentences in any text. It is not meant to be an exact word-by-word sentence detector. It uses a technique called “skip-grams”. Once it has learned the words in a sentence, it will predict which other words are likely in the sentence next.

It helps us save much time when we want to read something long and summarize it, because it will show us which sentence is the most important sentence in this paragraph.

6. Library of over six million licensed Shutterstock images and videos

There are many ways to choose content on Pictory; users can search by keyword. Users can also use Pictory to find what they need in just seconds with an ai-powered search. This tool will identify what it is you’re looking for and provide you with the best possible options that match your content.

Pictory is able to find the right images or videos that match what the content needs in seconds without having to spend hours looking through millions of images on different websites.

7. Attach music and a voiceover

You can attach music from the pictory library that matches your content. you can also auto-generate voiceovers using Pictory.

Or you can upload your music and voiceovers and add them to the content.

Drawbacks of Pictory.ai

1. Noticeably Slow

The server of the app becomes slow when numerous users are using the app and many are uploading content. Even if you need to produce 2 minutes of video, you have to wait nearly 5-10 minutes.

Screen is like this forever.

Not only that, but the server also needs to process requests from all these users. That’s why it’s important to have a solid server infrastructure in place.

Since the company is still in its start-up phase, it is like it doesn't have enough resources to spend on a robust server infrastructure yet. As such, it is like it will first focus on increasing its user base before investing more into its servers.

2. Voice Overs For Entire Video

Currently you have to upload voice overs for each slides one by one. You cannot add one for all slides. this is the main drawback of pictory.ai. It is a very time taking process to upload one by one.

But its already on their roadmap to include this feature. so it may be available in next week or month.

Only these are the drawbacks that we found using pictory. Other than these it is an awesome tool that you cannot miss it.

Plan Comparisions

pictory pricing

Pictory.ai has 4 pricing plans with one free and one enterprise plan.

With Free plan, you can create upto 3 videos per month with pictory branding. Free plan also includes Automatic subtitles, text to video features which you can try before buying.

Standard plan is priced 29$ per month or 19$ oer month paid annually. Whereas Premium plan is priced 59$ per month or 39$ per month paid annually.

With Both Standard and premium plans you can create unlimited number of projects per month.

The features you will get with premium plan are the ability to create text to video with 20 minutes length, ability to upload 90 minutes video for editing, ability to add 2 gb file whereas the standard plan has the ability to upload 1 gb file for editing.

Currently the tool is available as a lifetime plan from Appsumo where you can just pay 59$ onetime for the premium plan and you can get the tool forever with premium plan subscription. Purchase the tool before the deal is gone or you will regret it forever.

pictory appsumo pricing


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