TextUnited Review - Get your Translations Done Perfectly

TextUnited is a translation management system driven by tech, augmented by talent. Its cloud-based platform makes it easy to manage your projects with features like automated project creation, real-time collaboration

TextUnited Review - Get your Translations Done Perfectly

Translation is a complex process that requires multiple parties to work together. 

As the translation industry has grown, so too have its challenges. The complexity of managing large volumes of content across languages and time zones remains an issue for many companies today.

TextUnited is a translation management system driven by tech, augmented by talent. Its cloud-based platform makes it easy to manage your projects with features like automated project creation, real-time collaboration, and language analytics. It also help you find great translators who are ready to work on your jobs when you need them most through our network of over hundreds of vetted professionals in 170+ countries around the world.


One portal for All

It takes too long to translate content, and it’s hard to keep track of all the different translations.

Translation is a time-consuming process that often falls through the cracks in larger companies. 

TextUnited allows you to manage your translation workflow from one place using technology and professional translators. You can also order translation services on demand when you need them for any project, big or small.

170 Languages and 30 File types

Providing multilingual support on your website can be a huge challenge.

It’s hard to provide quality support in multiple languages, and it can cost a lot of time and money to hire translators or outsource the work.

TextUnited is an easy-to-use translation software that helps you manage multi-language content without having to pay for expensive professional translators or outsourcing the work. These tools allow you to easily translate your website into any language, including over 170 languages!

You won’t need a translator because our system works with Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and more – simply copy/paste them into the editor & publish directly from WordPress! But you can hire professional translators too.

TextUnited WordPress plugin

If you want to translate your website into multiple languages, it can be a huge pain.

The process of translating and localizing a WordPress site is complicated and frustrating. Even if you have the time to do this yourself, it will cost you hours of work and hundreds or thousands of dollars for professional translation services.

With TextUnited’s WordPress plugin, It makes it easy for anyone to translate their website from one language into another in just minutes. It will take all the complexity out of translating your content so that anyone can do it with ease!

The WordPress plugin lets you access a glossary, translation memory and the overlay editor version of TextUnited.

This improves linguistic consistency in translated content because it allows you to sync with source site for light editing or previewing on your website before publishing to improve accuracy

The full editor version allows users translate meta tags as well as descriptions which makes sure everything is accurate when published online.

Translation Memory

Translating same thing again and again may be boring and you could shout if there is any tool that could store your previous translations.

Also We've all had to deal with the frustration of having to pay high translation fees for simple documents that are very similar to previous ones. This can get really expensive if you have a lot of content that needs translating!

Text United helps solve this problem by storing your translations in your private online database so they're instantly available next time you need them! The engine will then reuse your existing translated text as much as possible! This technology only works on blocks of texts that are identical or highly similar, which means it doesn't slow down your process at all. Using this tool regularly and you could save hours every day from now on!.

Terminology Manager

It's hard to make sure translations are consistent across a knowledgebase or blog article.

Your customers will have a bad experience if they see "product" in English and "goods" in French, right? 

TextUnited is the solution for this problem. By adding terms that should not be translated, you can easily store all technical words from your website into one place that allows you to not translate it all at once instead of translating every words. Now your marketing copy is consistent no matter what language it's being viewed in!

Multilingual Customer Support

Helping customers in their native language is critical to your business.

Quality customer support is the most important aspect of any business. It can be hard to offer multilingual support without hiring a full-time translator or spending thousands of dollars on translation services.

With TextUnited you can translate your website, online help center, and customer service emails with ease using this automated machine translation platform. This way you'll save time and money while offering better quality support to all your customers, no matter where they are located in the world!

It will automatically detect the language of each ticket before it is reviewed by human translators for accuracy. The best part? You can use one-click language recognition to automatically translate each ticket with an appropriate translator based on their native language - saving you time and money!

TextUnited lets you connect Zendesk with Google Translate for multilingual customer support that's fast and accurate. It will eliminate the need to hire translators or pay per word translation fees.

Workflow in TextUnited

1. After Signup, you will be shown this screen.


2. Click on PROJECTS


3. Click on Start a new project


4. Upload your files using various methods available. I am clicking on upload files from computer


5. Type any project name, I am typing "test Tamil"


6. Click on ADD FILES


7. Selecting my document from file upload menu


8. in choose PDF type, Select "external"


9. Click on CONTINUE


10. in translate from field select the source language, for me its English.

11. in translate to field select the language you need to translate, for me its Tamil.

12. In next step, there are four options like machine. machine plus human review, me and my team, professional service. I am clicking on MACHINE


13. Once the project is created, Click on WORK ON THE PROJECT


14. Click on Translate


This is how the translated words look


You can add words in terminology.


They have four plans with one free and enterprise plan.

The Other two plans are Basic and Essential which will costs you € 70 and € 250 respectively.

Free plan will give you 1000 words for translation which is very very low even for testing purpose. I mean if your usecase if for blog articles.

Also their pricing plans are overpriced in my opinion since they are just using google translate API.

Lifetime Deal from Appsumo

Currently they are offering lifetime deal through Appsumo. It has 4 pricing plans starting from 69$ up to 319$.

GitHub, Bitbucket, SharePoint, Figma, Outlook, and Zendesk connectors, API and Workflows and teams options are available from License tier 2 which will costs you 119$ but the words you can translate with that plan is just 10000 words.

With their Tier 4 plan , you can translate upto 50k words monthly for a onetime deal, which is very good . Grab it while you can.


As technology advances, it becomes more important for businesses to reach out and offer customer service in their native language. TextUnited is a platform that helps companies translate content like websites or email messages into different languages with ease - without the need of hiring translators full-time. With one click you can even have your ticket translated the same language as your customer! This saves time and money while offering better quality support to all customers no matter where they are located in the world.

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