Wideo Complete Review - Best Animation and Video Maker tool in 2021

With just a few clicks, you can see your presentation come to life as your audience watches and listens to each action unfold through the images and narration that you added. You will have complete control over how you want your project to look and s...

Wideo Complete Review - Best Animation and Video Maker tool in 2021

Instantly create animated videos and presentations that wow your audience with Wideo's storyboard creator.

With just a few clicks, you can see your presentation come to life as your audience watches and listens to each action unfold through the images and narration that you added. You will have complete control over how you want your project to look and sound every step of the way.

Presenting with passion and purpose is one of the most important things you can do to inspire your audience and deliver meaningful content. While many presenters focus on the "what", we're going to take a look at how you can develop a presentation that inspires your audience while still hitting all their "wants".

If you've ever wished you had a way to instantly bring your ideas and designs to life in an entertaining, effective, and shareable manner then Wideo is the tool for you.

Create stunning animated videos and presentations online by adding your own videos or using free assets from Wideo’s library.

Anyone can create engaging videos and easily embed them on their website, blog or social media profiles with Wideo's simple editor.

Wideo is great for beginners and experts alike; simply pick a template that best fits your idea, then add your own video content from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook (or record it directly in the Wideo editor). You can also add text and images, customize your audio soundtracks or even import your own MP3s.

Once you've finished adding all the elements to your video, just click on "Export" and it will be automatically converted into a high-quality HD video that you can share anywhere. They also offer free hosting of your videos.

Wideo has been used to create music videos, explainer videos for companies and startups, educational material like product tutorials, startup business presentations and the list goes on. You can browse their gallery here: https://wideo.co/video-templates/

You can also download Wideo's free templates from their website to get started.

Features of Wideo

Here are just some of the features Wideo offers:

Storyboard Creator

Quickly create storyboards for your next presentation or video with pre-made templates that include image placeholders for you to add your own images.

No video editing experience needed! With just a few taps, you can bring your ideas to life with professionally designed layouts & animated transitions.

With just a few taps, you can create magazine-style presentations in seconds. Choose from dozens of ready-to-use themes then add text and images to make the story exactly how you want it to be.

Create eye-catching slideshows with dozens of beautifully designed themes or use a custom look that's all your own. Wideo even lets you add text, cool effects and original music to make every slide a complete story of its own.

Wideo offers three types of presentations:

  • Slideshow - Create an awesome slideshow with photos from your Photo Library in seconds! Select from dozens of layouts with animated transitions that look professional in seconds.
  • Movie - Shoot great looking videos using the in-camera effects and built-in filters then make them even better with text, cool effects and original music!
  • Storyboard - Use pre-made templates to quickly create storyboards for your next presentation or video. Add image placeholders for you to add your own

Animated Presentations

The storyboard creator is awesome, but did we mention you can also create an interactive presentation? Choose from wide range of animated slide templates and then customize them with your own text and images.

Detailed animation control: change duration, number of steps, step size etc., add/remove elements in animation at any time. Customize each element separately to create even more unique effects.

Create animations with just one click! Using their default presets you'll get high-quality, easily customizable result right away - just drag and drop desired preset on the layer. Add your logo or text to the upper left corner, place it wherever you want using simple keyframes and transform tools (rotate it, scale it, position it) or just type text there.

Transform objects in the lower part of the composition to create fun animation effects (just play with snapping options and transform tools). Add cool animated background texture to your video by using simple color controls.

Video to SlideShow

Convert your video to a slide show presentation, so that you can convey your ideas with ease.

Everyone loves video and almost everyone has a camera on their phone, but creating videos is not easy, you have think about the right sound from start to finish. This process can take hours of waiting for the right moment, then editing the video to get rid of all the distractions around you. What if there was an easier way?

Video2board allows you to convert your videos into slideshows in minutes. Once converted, you can tell a visual story with transitions and add animations until your presentation is stunning.

Infinite Layouts

If you're looking to create a commercial or presentation that is longer than the standard 30 second ad, Wideo offers you the ability to choose from one of their infinite layouts. This gives you complete control over how your video is laid out and whether or not it loops.

Let's look at an example to illustrate this.

For this example, I'd like to make a 60 second ad that is divided into two 15 second ads back to back.

This layout showcases how simple it is to plan out how your video will lay out for the viewer. This can be helpful if you're planning on making an ad or presentation specific for either Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. Whatever you decide to place in the center of your video (screen) is where the user will keep their focus and attention the entire time they watch. If this was a commercial I made to sell women's shoes online, I may want to consider a screen capture of the shoe product I'm selling or a photo of the cute girl wearing them to keep the users attention focused on what I want them to see.

The next step in making my 60 second ad is to fill text and images over each screen of space. Since Wideo allows you to control which screens are visible, it's super easy to create an infinite loop.


Looking for a voice over artist? They've got you covered. They offer a variety of voice over options including their very own professional voice over artists.

You're given the ability to blend multiple videos into one by placing them side by side or on top of one another! This can be helpful if your commercial requires more than just a few images and animations spread across the screen. One thing that Wideo doesn't allow (currently) is adding more than 2 audio files or music to your videos. While I can see this being frustrating for some people, it's something you should really consider when making a 60 second ad anyway. Will the background song that is playing in the video be easily recognizable? If not, keep looking for alternatives before publishing your video online (or on YouTube).

To add audio to your Wideo, you must find an audio file and upload it into Wideo Studio. Selecting "Upload Audio" above any screen will allow you to select which files are used where... like so:

Wideo allows you to choose from several different options including mp3, wav, pcm/aiff and ogg! While their selection is limited right now, it's good enough to get the job done. If you've got an audio file on hand, just choose your desired type and Wideo will turn it into a YouTube friendly format!

Social Media Integration

Easily post your videos to Youtube with the click of a button.

That's not all! Wideo also offers you:

Interactive Presentations

Get interactive with your audience with the click of a button. You can incorporate action buttons into your presentation that allow you to customize them in any way possible.

Full HD

Wideo is made for the modern era and offers full HD at up to 1080p resolution. their interactive presentations are even compatible with mobile devices so your videos will look great wherever the viewer is.

Drawbacks of Wideo

Here are just some of the drawbacks:

2 Audio file per Video

You can only add up to 2 audio tracks per video which is a big disadvantage for those who are planning to use this platform for business promotion.

Embed video Analytics

The analytics are not available. You can’t tell if your video is popular just by looking at the statistics available. In fact, this is one of the reasons why most businesses choose to use other platforms for promoting their videos. If you want a clear audit of your marketing strategy then you should definitely look for another platform.

Other than these the tool is awesome for the price.

Pricing plans Comparision for Wideo

Wideo has 4 pricing plans with one free plan.

With Free plan, you can create unlimited 1 minute videos per month with Wideo branding. Free plan also includes 10 video templates which you can try before purchasing their premium plans.

Basic plan is priced 59$ per month or 19$ per month paid annually. Whereas Pro plan is priced 99$ per month or 39$ per month paid annually. Their Pro Plus plan costs 199$ per month or 79$ per month paid annually.

With Both Pro and Pro plans you can create unlimited number of projects per month with 10 minutes and 30 minutes video length limit respectively whereas Basic plan gives you 10 downloads per month with 1.5 minutes video length.

with Pro Plus Plan, you will get an additional account.

Currently the tool is available as a lifetime plan from Appsumo where you can just pay 59$ onetime for the basic plan, 99$ for Pro Plan and 179$ for pro plus plan and you can get the tool forever with premium plan subscription. Purchase the tool before the deal is gone or you will regret it forever.

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